PTA President


The president is elected by the members of the association to lead the PTA and to represent them and the other members.


• Knows and follows the association’s bylaws

• Appoints chairmen and standing committees according to the bylaws

• Develops and updates procedure books

• Consults with the school principal on all matters relating to the school

• Invites all parents and teachers to participate as active members and chairmen

Presides at all meetings of the association and expedites those meetings by:

  - preparing an agenda

  - opening and closing meetings on time

  - working with officers and chairmen before meeting to learn who has special reports or additions to the agenda

• Attends or sends a representative to:

  - council meetings

  - district meetings

  - workshops and clinics

  - PTA conventions

  -  leadership conferences

  - other related meetings

• Completes all required reports and forms and returns them to the state office by designated deadline

• Is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee



• Creates an environment of mutual respect in which everyone feels free to participate fully in discussing issues and making decisions

• Remains impartial as the presiding officer, expressing no personal opinions

• Puts the goals of the association first

• Actively seeks and makes use of the special interests and abilities of members

• Delegates responsibility and gives those delegated the opportunity to do the job

• Expresses appreciation for all effort, regardless of how successful it has been