PTA Vice President


• The vice president may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the duties of the president.

• A strong vice president should be the president's "right hand," acting as an aide, and assuming assigned responsibilities.

•  The vice president represents the president upon request. 

•  When local units have more than one vice president, each vice president is designated specific duties such as vice president for education or vice president for legislation.

•  Vice presidents often serve as program chairmen, coordinators of major projects that involve several committees and as a liaison to outside groups that may desire a connection with a local unit.

•  In the case of multiple vice presidents, it is helpful if each vice president is assigned oversight of committees that have connecting areas of responsibility.
•  Vice presidents can be especially helpful in strengthening communication within the executive board as well as within the general membership and other entities in the school system and community.
**Our by-laws call for one vice-president.  At RE Lee, the VP has traditionally taken on the role of chair of the Membership Committee.  They design and organize the Membership drive for the PTA and maintain the Membership List.**