PTA Secretary

Some local units elect two secretaries. One secretary is called the corresponding secretary and the other is called a recording secretary. Local units determine responsibilities each secretary will have when there are two. Promptness, accuracy and knowledge of the PTA are valuable assets.

THE RECORDING SECRETARY. Records all business transacted at each meeting of the association (executive and general) and presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting of that body.

When taking minutes, remember:

• Minutes contain a record of each action taken by the group, including the exact wording of every motion, the name of the member who introduced the motion, and the actions taken on the motion. The secretary may request the maker of the motion to put it in writing

• The minutes should be as brief as possible and should be reported in the order in which business was presented at the meeting. Record what is done by the group, not what was said by the members

• The minutes should be kept in an official minutes book with numbered pages.

• The word "approved" and the date of approval should be written at the end of the minutes of each meeting; additionally, the minutes should be signed by the secretary.

• If asked, assists the president before each meeting in preparing an agenda that lays out the order of business.

• Has on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the local unit bylaws, the standing rules, the agenda, minutes of previous meetings, treasurer's reports, a list of committees (including names of their members) and the membership list.

• Serves as custodian of all records except for those specifically assigned to other individuals.
THE CORRESPONDING SECRETARY. Prepares all correspondence and maintains a correspondence file. The secretary may also count a rising vote when requested to do so, furnish delegates with credentials, send out meeting notices and submit to the state office the names and addresses of the officers.
**RE Lee's by-laws call for only one secretary who carries out all of the above tasks**